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daniel evans Daniel Evans
"3 Month In Another Place"

Printed in January 2011

Edition of 120 numbered Copies
PogoBooks #022

28 Pages
14 x 20 cm
Laser Print on Recycling Paper

about the artist:
Daniel Evans is 20 year old photographer form Liverpool UK,
he is currently studying at the University for Creative Arts
in his 3rd and final year. Much of Daniel´s work is based around
documenting youth culture and and the things he finds visually
exciting, e.g riding his bike, going to partys, and getting lost
in the woods.

about the zine:
"3 Months In Another Place" was shot between September- November 2010 documenting my time over this period, the project directly follows a previous project "3 months in one place". The project is made up of photographs of things that i found interesting for one reason or another whilst out with freinds, out on my bike, getting lost in the woods and moving into a new home. The project combines both portraits and still life images of people i know and spend my time with, and objects that I use or go past on a day to day basis.

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evans evans
evans evans
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